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My Days III
I started my school life in June 1964. It was a rainy day. On the way to school there was a canal carrying the heavy rain water from the town. I moved to the school with my father through the rushing waters of the canal. Unlike the madrasa, school was quite big and I could see the newcomers crying and shouting and the parents and teachers consoling them...


Social Profiles



  • Ph.D in History, University of Calicut, Subject : “The Social and Cultural Life of Mapplia Muslim of Malabar (1800-1921)” 1998.
  • Master of Arts in History, Aligarh Muslim University, 1981.
  • Bachelor of Science(B.Sc.) in Zoology, Farook College, University of Calicut,1979.
  • Pre-Degree Course in Science, P.S.M.O.College, University of Calicut, 1976.
  • Diploma in West Asian (Middle East) Studies, (DWAS), Aligarh Muslim University, 1981.
  • Diploma in Journalism- Mysore University, (Course completed) 1993.
  • Certificate in Persian Language, Aligrah Muslim University, 1980.
  • Evening Course in Modern Arabic, General Education Centre, AMU Aligarh,1982.
  • Modern Arabic Correspondence Course, Jamia Hazarat Nizamuddin, New Delhi, 1999, (course completed).
  • Urdu Correspondence Course, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, 1999.
  • Diploma in Higher Education (DHE), Indira Gandhi National Open University (course in progress).


  • Work Shop of Principals, Delhi, 2005.
  • Principals Training Camp at Poona 2006.
  • Camp for Principals in Minority Colleges, Delhi,2009.
  • Extended Contact Programme in Higher Education under IGNOU, Kochi, May, 2003.
  • Refresher Course in History, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, September 2002.
  • Refresher Course in History, Jamia Millia Islamia, November 1998.
  • Academic Staff Orientation Programme Aligarh Muslim University, December 1992.
  • Regional Workshop on Medieval Indian History, Aligarh Muslim University, 1990.


  • Major Research Project under UGC, Mappila Art Forms of Kerala, Work is in progress.
  • Minor Research Projectunder UGC, Sayyid Immigrants of Hadharmaut and their Indigenisation in Kerala, Submitted to UGC 2010.
  • Self Study Report of MES.Keveeyam College, Valanchery, submitted to the NAAC, 2007.
  • Self-Study Report of MES Kalladi College submitted to the NAAC 2002.
  • Accreditation and Response, A Study on the Accreditation of the Colleges and Universities and the Response of the Teachers and Managements in Kerala (A project work as a part of Diploma in Higher Education, 2004(IGNOU).
  • Indo West Asian Cultural Relations: A Study on the Impact of Qadiri Sufis on the Popular Life of Malabar and South India (1400-1700)(Assisted Prof. Zamiruddin Siddiqui of Aligarh Muslim University in 1990).
  • Study of Mosques in Kerala (Assisting the Directorate of Census Operations in Kerala under Government of India, Ministry of Home Affair, 2004).
  • Mappila Women of Malabar in the Colonial Period, (Project sanctioned under KCHR , Kerala.
  • Report on the Introduction of Sachar Committee Report in Kerala, Worked as a member in the commission appointed by Government of Kerala,2008.


  • Principal, MES Keveeyam College, Valanchery. (From 1 June 2005 onwards).
  • Lecturer, Selection Grade, P.G. Department of History M.E.S.Kalladi College, Mannarkkad (from 17th Nov. 2000- 31st May 2005).
  • Sr. Lecturer, Kunhali Marakkar Centre for West Asian Studies (on deputation) November 1999- November 2000).
  • Self-Study Report of MES Kalladi College submitted to the NAAC 2002.
  • Sr. Lecturer, P.G. Department of History, M.E.S. Kalladi College, Mannarkkad(1985-1999).
  • Lecturer, Department of Islamic History, TKM Arts College, Quilon (1982-1985).


  • TKM College of Arts College,
    Degree level: 3 years.
  • M.E.S. Kalladi College, Mannarkkad
    Post Graduate Level: 20 years
    Subject: West Asia Civilization, Medieval India & Indian Freedom Struggle.
    Degree Level: 12 years
    Subject: Islamic Studies & Medieval India
  • University of Calicut
    Post Graduate level: 1 year
    Subject: west Asian Economy, south East Asia, Ideologies of west Asia.


  • Academic Staff College, Tiruvananthapuram
    Subject: Medieval Islam and Science,2000
  • Academic Staff College, Calicut
    Subject: Sufism, 2000
  • Academic Staff College, Calicut
    Subject: Islamic Sciences, 200
  • Academic Staff College, Calicut
    Subject: Islamic mystcism, 2004
  • Academic Staff College, Aligarh
    Subject: Sufi practices of Kerala, 2005
  • University of Calicut
    Work Shop on Manuscripts, 2010


  • Principal, MES Keveeyam College, Valanchery,2010
  • Convener, National Exhibition MEPO 2006 at Valanchery
  • Convener, Akhila Kerala Natakotsavam, Valanchery
  • Co-ordinator, NAAC(National Assessment and Accreditation Council), MES College, Mannarkkad
  • Secretary, Staff Council (1986-87, 1990-92)
  • Coordinator, N.S.S. ( 1986-87, 1990-91)
  • Secretary, Co-operative Credit Society (1988-90)
  • Staff Editor, College Magazine (1987-1992)
  • Secretary, Sahithya Vedi (1992-93)
  • Secretary, Library Committee (1988-93)
  • Coordinator, Research and Guidance Cell


  • Cable network and Full time Internet 2006
  • Introduced digital Public Address and Information System 2007
  • Office Automation 2007
  • The first Digital Library in the district 2009
  • Smart Class rooms for Post Graduation 2010
  • Biometric Signature System for the employees
  • Construction of Auditorium, Library Building, New Class rooms, Restaurant etc.
  • National Exhibition MESPO 2006


  • Chairman Board of Studies, Islamic History, University of Calicut 2010
  • Chairman Board of Studies Islamic Studies, University of Calicut .2008
  • Member Board of Studies in Islamic History, Kannur university 2008
  • Member, Board of PG Examination, University of Calicut, From 2003….
  • Member ,Board of Studies Islamic History,University of Calicut,From2003…….
  • Member, Board of Studies in Islamic History, University of Calicut ,1999 to2002
  • Member, Board of Studies in Islamic History , University of Kerala 1992-1994.
  • Question paper Setting, Islamic History , University of Kerala 1992-1994.
  • Member, Text Book Committee , Sunni Educational Board, Calicut.
  • Co authored , Islamic Primary Text Book called Bismi for KG Classes.
  • Secretary , Malappuram District CBSE Schools Association , 1998-2000.
  • President , Al Huda Secondary School(CBSC), Kadampuzha.
  • Secretary , Nusrath Educational Society , Randathani.
  • Curiculam Designing for Islamic Text Books in English Medium School in Kerala under Book Trust of India, New Delhi.
  • Coordinator , Central Board of Minority Education , Calicut.
  • General Secretary,NICE Educational Trust, Punnathala, Malappuram


  • Director, Interfaith Harmoney, Indo Malaysian Venture , Maadin Academia, Malappuram
  • Coordinator, Manuscript studies in Arabic Malayalam, Arabic Department, University of Calicut
  • Member, Expert Committee, For studying the issues of Muslim Community in Connection with Sachar Report. Kerala Government 2007
  • Member, Mahakavi Moyin Kutty Vaidyar Smaraka Committee, Kerala Government,2006
  • Muslim Educational Society, Member for Life
  • Indian History Congress, Member for Life.
  • South Indian History Congress, Member for Life.
  • Poonkavanam Publications, Kozhikkode, General Secretary.
  • Indo-Arab Friendship Society,Kozhikode, Convener.
  • Islamic Research and development Centre(IRDC),Kozhikode-Director
  • Movement for National Integration, Aligarh, Secretary 1981-3
  • Secretary Aligarh Muslim Majlis 1982


  • “Sufi Settlements on Malabar Coast”,Indian,History Congress,Kashmir,1986
  • “Indo Arab Trade Relations in Mediveal India”,Indo Arab Seminar,Dubai,UAE,1992
  • “Muslims in National Struggle”,Islamic Research and Development Centre,Abudhabi,UAE,1997
  • “Arabs in the Anti-Colonial Struggle in India”,Qatar,1997
  • “Religious Ideal in the peasant Revolts of Malabar”,International Seminar on Europe and South Asia , Kozhikode , 1998.
  • “ Tahriz – A Study on Mappila War Songs” , Seminar on Kunhali Marakkar , Badagara, 1998
  • “Communal Harmony in the Mappila Folk Culture” U.G.C. Seminar on Folk Lore, Calicut , 1998.
  • “An Ideological Analysis of Mappila Peasant Revolts “ , South Indian History Congress Chennai , 1999.
  • Muhammed Abdurahiman and Human Rights, UGC Seminar , M.E.S. College, Mannarkkad ,1998.
  • “Cult of Jihad in the Early Anti- Colonial Struggles of Malabar”, Indian History congress , Calicut ,1999
  • “Anti Colonial Arabic Literature in Malabar” UGC Seminar , Department of Arabic , University of Calicut, October 2000.
  • “Malabar Society on the eve of Portughese Invansion”, Seminar on Kunhali Marakkar, by Kerala Islamic Academy, kozhikode,2001
  • “Searching for Amity in Indian Culture”, Farook College, 2001
  • “Mappila Revolts of Malabar,the Role of Religious Leadership” South Indian Congress, Madurai,2001
  • “ Re orientation of Muslim Educational System”,International Seminar on Muslim Education, Kozhikkode , November ,2001.
  • “ Re Structuring of Madrassa Curriculam” Seminar on Madrassa Education, Kozhikkode, 2001.
  • “The Naqshabandi Movement in India” Paper sent for reading in the World Muslim Seminar organized by Al Sunna Foundation,USA
  • “Occultism among the Mappila Muslims”, ICHR Seminar, University of Calicut,2002.
  • “ Religious leadership and controversy over jihad-an Analysis of Mappila Revolts of 1921”. South Indian Congress, Thiruvananthapuram 2002.
  • “Dar al Harb v/s Dar al Islam, A study of Indian Ulema towards British Rule, Paper presented in the seminar in Academic Staff College, Jamia Millia Islamia,New Delhi,2002
  • “Ideology of Early Colonialism, the Voyage ov Vasco da Gama‟ Aligarh Muslim University,Department of History, 2006
  • “Ocultic Practices among Mappila Muslims‟, Indian History Congress, Kannur,08
  • “Muslim contribution to the World Culture”, Department of Humanities, Amman University, Jordhan, 2009
  • “Mappila Folk songs and Freedom Struggles in Malabar”, Seminar on Moyin Kutty Vaidayar and his contributions, Vaidyar Smarakam , Kondotty,2009
  • “Persian Elements in Mappila literatiure”Paper Presented in Alighrh Muslim University, Aligarh,2010
  • Mappila War Songs – A study on Malappuram Padappattu in the Anti Colonial Struggles, ligarh Muslim University, 2010
  • Role of Fatwas in the Anti Colonial Struggles of Malabar, A Study on Muhimmat al Mu‟mineen, UGC Seminar in MES Mampad College, Mampad, Kerla, 2010
  • Hadrami immigration to Malabar, A Study on Sayyids of Malabar, Indian History Congress, Patiala , Punjab,2011
  • Muslim Attitude towards British Rule in India, International Seminar, International Islamic University, Malaysia, 2011
  • Swami Vivekananda and Islam, Seminar in connection with the 150 th year of Vivekananda, Calicut, 2013


  • Chief Editor (Honorary), Pookavanam Family Magazine, Poomkavanam Books,
  • Chief Editor, Islamic Encyclopaedia in Malayalam,
  • Executive Editor: Al lrfad Monthly.
  • Editor: The Malabar Bi Annual, University of Calicut.
  • Consulting Editor: Deep South, Dubai English Magazine
  • Editor, Ishal Paithrikam, Mahakavi Moyin Kutty Vaidyar Smarakam, Kondotti


  • Fifty Years of Indian Independence, IRDC, Kozhikode
  • Maqdooms and Ponnani, Ponnani,1998


  • Dr.C.K.Kareem Award for the best Research work on Mappila Muslims, Instituted by C.K.Kareem Centre for Historical Research, Sharjah, U.A.E
  • Ma‟din award for the best educational activist, Ma‟din Institutions,Malappuram
  • Makhdum Award for studies on Zainuddin Maqdum, Ponnani Zainuddin Memorial Committee


  • Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Syria, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Malysia, Jordan, Singapore


  • Medieval India, Modern India, History of Kerala, Sufism & West Asian Studies


  • Public Speech, organizing debates and discussions etc. and educational activities.

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