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My Days III
I started my school life in June 1964. It was a rainy day. On the way to school there was a canal carrying the heavy rain water from the town. I moved to the school with my father through the rushing waters of the canal. Unlike the madrasa, school was quite big and I could see the newcomers crying and shouting and the parents and teachers consoling them...


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McGraw-Hill’s Concise Guide to Writing Research Papers

skill that is important in our lives? Remember falling again and again until you learned to ride a two-wheel bike, missing the ball over and over until you learned to bat, or making the most horrendous noises on the piano until you properly struck a chord? Expository writing is a lot like that.We learn by doing, and we get better with practice. Improvement depends upon the guidance we get along the way. This book is designed to deliver that.....

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  • Contributed articles to Muslim World Directory,New Delhi, Kerala Muslim Directory,Islamic Encyclopaedia in Malayalam
  • (Various articles have been published in Malayalam dailies like Mathrubhumi, Madhyamam ,Chandrika and different Journals and Souvenirs)

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